Trader Policy

General information:


All up-to-date information can be found on  Business hours are Monday - Saturday from 10am-4.30pm. Sunday openings  are discretionary and non-contractual.


All traders coming into the shop to stock up, remove items or tidy up their unit, need to sign in & out. This book is situated on the front desk. 


Anyone selling painted furniture is asked to use ‘Autentico Chalk Paint’ range sold at the front of the shop.  Please put the colour you used on your tag to enable customers to buy the colour for other projects. 


Any queries about your unit, license fee, products, other issues: we prefer to be notified via email on , this will then be handled by either Cato or Sean depending on the subject. Unless you prefer to discuss in person. 


  1. Leaflets/Flyers: When attending fairs or at any other opportunity for distribution - these are available for collection from behind the till at the front of the shop.
  2. Social media, predominantly Facebook: This is becoming the lead in our marketing efforts for reaching new and old customers daily. We need everyone to use this tool as regularly as possible. When posting on your page, always tag ‘The Emporium Somerset’ so posts can be picked up by the PR company. To enhance increase of likes between businesses, please like other traders’ pages and comment as much as you can. 
  3. The Emporium website will be showing your business if you choose to put your products on our online shop. 

POS (Point of sale):


We will contact you with queries from customers about your products in the shop (pricing, product info, commissions etc).  It’s therefore important that we have the correct contact details for you. We advise you to store our number in your phone (01823-660076) to enable you to recognise the caller.  

Should your primary contact number change, please email it to


  1. Each trader will need to supply a Product list spreadsheet which will contain all products in stock.
  2. A Google sheet with your ID will be set up and shared with you once your contract has been signed and you are all set up. This will need to be filled out with product codes, prices and descriptions of products.
  3. The price is in pence and not pounds, so no decimal points or pound symbols. Discounts should be with decimal point i.e. 10% = 0.1 etc.
  4. Do not reuse a productID for a different product, please create a new ID for each product, unless it's exactly the same.
  5. A multi-buy can have an M behind it's product. I.e. 4 for the price of 3. Make sure you put both codes on the back of your tag. 
  6. This document is saved automatically via Google and will be uploaded into the till within 48hours.
  7. Always upload your products before putting new products in the shop.

NOTE: Please allow 48 hours for your updates to be processed from submission to the till.  Either before 8pm or before 8am.


There will be an additional charge of 5% per product if any of the following are applicable:

  1. The product code is not present in the till.
  2. The product code does not match up with the description/price on till.
  3. No tag or sticker with the product. Please make sure your tags / stickers are adequately attached to the product.

Every time a product goes through the till without the correct data there is a potential error to be dealt with. Please ensure you check your codes and prices. 


  1. All items in your unit should have a label (display cabinets, stock, lighting etc). 
  2. Put a circle around your ID number only so it does not interfere with the product code and price.
  3. Items that are not for sale should be marked clearly as such ('display only'). This includes accessories like candles, decoration or light bulbs but also cabinets or shelves. 
  4. Labels should contain 4 pieces of information: description and price for the customer, product ID and trader ID for the till.
  5. Labels should be easily removable from the product whether they are string tags or sticky labels.


All transactions (gift card, payment cards or cash) through the till will incur a 4.5% service charge. A 4.5% service charge will also be applied to all Online sales (updated 01/10/2019).


At the end of every sales day you will receive a Daily Update report via email stating the sales you made on the that day. The report will show the following detail:

  1. In-store sales: an itemised list of products
  2. Online sales: any sales via our online shop
  3. Notifications: any messages to do with the online shop.
  4. Total sales amount, total charges and total payable
  5. On certain days the report will be later than usual, usually due to closing later because of workshop or late night opening.
  6. If there are no sales, no report is delivered.


The Weekly payment report goes out on Monday's and we pay 2 weeks prior i.e. if the payment date is 18th July 2019 then the payment will be for sales week starting 4th July. As with the Daily Update you will receive the same information but the report will show for the 7 days instead of 1. 

In the event of non-payment of the license fee, we will hold back weekly payments until the licence fee has been received. Please note that we require the licence fee (with reference ID) to be set up as a standing order and to be paid into our account on the 1st of each month.

If you have given a month’s notice, we still expect you to pay your License fee. Upon departure we will refund you your deposit.  Notice is ideally given on the 1st day of the month.

Your unit:


  1. This is the description of your business that you supplied to us at the start (New Trader Form Submission).
  2. The products sold will fall under your business description within The Emporium.
  3. If you decide to add new ranges to your stock, you will need to notify us of this before adding this stock to your unit as this may cause conflict with other traders.
  4. You can change this description by sending us an update to This will be reviewed and only approved if it doesn’t conflict with another trader.  


An updated version of your Market Trader Liability Insurance (up to 5 million) will need to be provided when you start with us and annually as/when it expires. 


All payments made to The Emporium should say ‘Licence Fee ??’ (?? is your trader ID). Deposit (one month's License fee) should be paid 2 weeks before your start date. Deposit should be paid via bank transfer and mentioning 'Deposit ID...'. 

Should you change unit and the Licence Fee is higher, you will be expect to make up the difference for the deposit. Please note downsizing will not entitle you to a refund of the difference of the deposit until you give notice and have left.


All licence fees need to be set up as standing order and received into our account by 1st of each month, as per your contract.
All weekly payments will be withheld until your rent has been paid.


When bringing in new stock including large items (e.g. furniture) use the fire exit doors to the side of the building. Please ensure that the doors are properly secured after use.


We ask you to adequately stock your unit at all times and keep it tidy during business hours. Should you need to attend a fair, please make sure you have a notice in your unit explaining you are attending a fair, therefore your unit is not adequately stocked. We would still expect you to leave some stock in your unit to show you are still trading with us. 


  1. You may not stock a duplicate product at the same time as another trader.
  2. A duplicate product is the exact same product - either currently in the shop or sold by another trader within the last 2 months.
  3. In the event of a dispute, we will need to look at all the data/information to establish who is at fault. This should be sent in writing to Cato and Sean to an image of the product, your product code and when you put your product into your shop. 


All lighting used within your unit should have or less than 10 watts (low energy) use. Any lighting exceeding this wattage will be turned off and bulbs will be removed. 



Any large pieces sold will need to be picked up by the customer within 1 week and remain in your unit. If this period is exceeded then it is the trader’s responsibility to communicate regarding the pick up with the customer. Customer details will be obtained by the person managing the shop at that time. If a piece of furniture is too heavy to lift, the trader may be contacted to help carry it out with the customer. 


Any orders of smaller items to be picked up by customers can be held at the till for up to a week. These products will need to be clearly labelled with product code and price. If not picked up by the customer, this can then be put back into your unit for sale. 


The Emporium offers free delivery up to 5 miles from TA21 8AR by the individual traders’ for large pieces of furniture sold from the traders’ own unit. Contact details of the customer will be included with the daily sales report. Please contact the customer within 24 hours of receipt of sales and arrange a convenient date for delivery for both parties. Deliveries are to the customer's door, we do not expect traders to have to carry items up or down stairs. 


We only offer a full refund if an item is faulty, not as described on the tag or doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. The decision is left to the discretion of the ‘manager of the day’.


In the event of a missing product we will need you to fill out an online form which can be found on the main website under 'trader resources'.

    As this takes a lot time to investigate please check that the product is not at home, already sold or hiding in your unit.