What does Cato do in her spare time?

Posted by Cherry Pullinger on

We caught up with Cato recently to find out what she gets up to in her spare time…

“I work Saturdays so when I do get a couple of days off it’s usually a Bank Holiday weekend, but this May one we’re open, and my idea of heaven is making over my own home using paints from the Autentico range, which we stock.

“I choose a room in our house to decorate. The last one was our en suite bathroom. Now I am busy dreaming about my next two-day break when I will tackle our bedroom using a paint colour called Café au lait.

“When I decorate a room I spend weeks planning, bringing brushes home from the shop and ordering paint. I also buy accessories from the Emporium. It’s bliss!

“This is my way of relaxing and if I can get our kids, Dixie, aged eight, and Lynard, seven, involved too, and sometimes Sean for the technical parts. It’s great when we’re all working together.

“In the shop, I use bright colours, at home it’s subtler tones. I love to do a different colour for the ceiling to the walls and sometimes vary wall colours to add contrast. My favourite colours at the moment are Sailors Blue and Passion Red from the Autentico range, but I use these mostly on furniture.

“I have completed three rooms this season and as everything always needs a freshen up the rooms will never run out!”

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