Wellington residents urged to show their love for wool this winter

Posted by Cato Cooper on

We’re encouraging people from Wellington to show support for The Campaign for Wool’s Wool Week, which takes place from October 7 until 22.

We have a number of wool producers who sell in the shop, including The Crafty Shepherd.

Naomi Stannard from The Crafty Shepherd, said: “It’s so incredibly important that people support wool producers in the country and I’m thrilled that The Emporium Somerset is getting behind the campaign.

“All of the crafts and gifts I make for the shop are made with the fibres from the alpacas and rare breed sheep that I keep on my family-run farm in Somerset, which raises 14 different rare and primitive breeds of sheep, a mixed coloured herd of Huacaya Alpacas and a colony herd of English Angora Fibre Rabbits.”

“The farm also houses some of the rarest of breeds with the most endangered being the Boreray sheep with between 300 to 500 in existence. All of the fibres and wools are processed and dyed on the farm using traditional skills and equipment and all of my creations can be sourced back to individual animals.”

The Campaign for Wool is a global endeavour initiated by its patron, His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, in order to raise awareness among consumers about the unique, natural, renewable and biodegradable benefits offered by the fibre.

Encouraging collaboration between an international community of woolgrowers, major fashion designers, retailers, manufacturers, artisans and interior designers, the campaign has been instrumental in educating consumers about the versatility of wool, and reconnecting them with its myriad uses, from luxurious fine merino knitwear and cloth through beautiful hardwearing interior products to fire-retardant insulation for the home.

Since its launch in 2010, The Campaign for Wool has influenced a new demand for wool on an international scale, and its efforts have seen a threefold increase in the price farmers receive for their wool.

It is so important that people are aware of the importance of wool. Besides feeling warm and luxurious, wool offers some of the best benefits for us and our homes. It is naturally flame retardant as well as stain resistant.

It is also a fantastic insulator, so while it feels and looks cosy, it also actively locks the heat in your house. It’s also 100% sustainable and biodegradable and new research also shows that wool acts as a natural filter and purifies the air in your home.

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