We’re encouraging shoppers to show support for small businesses

Posted by Cato Cooper on

We’re encouraging people to show their support for small businesses in the town, like ours, as they are the backbone of the British economy.

We are just one of many small businesses in the Wellington area and we really need the general public to get behind us all and make it their mission to buy local where they can.

Instead of popping to the supermarket, why not scope out the local butchers, bakers or green grocers? Alternatively, with Christmas coming up, instead of buying mass produced toys and gifts, why not pop something in your shopping basket that is unique and handmade with love?

Most of our shopkeepers’ products are either handmade here in the Westcountry, sourced from other British craftspeople and makers, or from ethical and Fairtrade companies. By shopping locally with us and other businesses nearby people are helping to generate revenue for the area and keep it full of character as well as supporting the people and families behind the businesses too.

Next time people ‘pop to the shops’ we hope they will remember to do it locally with the small businesses in the area.

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