We’re asking shops to back our small business campaign

Posted by Cato Cooper on

We recently encouraged shoppers to think more about buying locally, but we also want to get other businesses in the area on board too, so we have created some posters that other shops are welcome to display in their windows as part of our ‘buy local’ campaign.

The posters will let shoppers out on the street know which shops are independently owned and need their support. You can download printable versions of our posters here.

We’re also starting the hashtag #BuyLocalWellington on social media that other shops are welcome to use and we will share and re-tweet where we can.

We are just one of many small businesses in the Wellington area that benefit from shoppers choosing to buy locally instead of at big supermarkets or high street stores. We know that other shop and business owners in the area are all about community spirit so we hope lots of them get involved in the campaign and we can all support each other.

We’re not big business bashers, but I think people are becoming more and more fed up with corporates and their antics. They also appreciate that with a local business you get to know the team who help you day-in and day-out. Our customers become friends and to the elderly and vulnerable having shops on the high street where they can pop in and have a chat without feeling a hinderance are vital.

We’re not face-less corporates and we know that there are hundreds of other business out there like us in this area, who look after their customers in the same way that we do. We’re hoping they will join us in this venture, as together we’re stronger!

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