Using mustard in the home

Posted by Cherry Pullinger on

Many people might be wary of using a mustard shade to decorate their homes with but it’s extremely simple to incorporate and can really create a focal point in your interior.

Little bursts of colour work really well in the home and this is a good way to start incorporating mustard gently without going overboard. Look for cushions, blankets, lampshades and even curtains with mustard elements or patterns. You could also try subtly introducing mustard with shades of grey or graphite for a really modern, chic look.

Darker hues of mustard help accomplish a masculine aesthetic and would look great alongside navy tones.

If you’re feeling super brave you could paint a feature wall in mustard to help brighten up and create the illusion of space in a room. Alternatively a piece of painted furniture would look great and our Cato would recommend trying Autentico Chalk Paint’s ‘Brazilian Bird’ shade for this. Add warming wooden accessories for a comfy country look.

Using mustard in your interior is a great way to cheer things up a bit without it looking as harsh as a gold or yellow might. You can start small with accessories and work your way up to bigger features. It’s important to experiment and be brave with it.

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