Tips for selling your home this summer

Posted by Cherry Pullinger on

Here are our handy hints for selling your home by ensuring it looks its very best inside and out:


Get rid of the clutter

Remove the debris and be prepared to make several trips to the recycling centre/tip. Keep things in storage boxes and remove the dust and cobwebs.

Children’s and animal’s toys

These can be a bit of an eye sore so make sure there is space somewhere to store them away when potential buyers are coming to look around.

Give everything a deep clean

Everything looks better when it has been cleaned. There are lots of specialist cleaning materials and tools available such as steamers, which are well worth the investment. If you have pets think about any issues related to hair on carpets and furniture.

Touch up your paint work

Give your home a bit of a makeover to update its look and ensure that any scuffs and marks are covered up. You could also update any furniture using our range of Autentico paints and by adding new accessories.

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