Tips for getting your guest room ready for Easter visitors

Posted by Cato Cooper on

If you’ve got guests coming for the Easter weekend it’s a good idea to plan ahead and get everything organised before Good Friday or the day they arrive.

You want your guests to enjoy their stay as much as possible so before they arrive, give the room they’ll be staying in a deep clean. Pull the covers back off the bed and air out the mattress too. Re-make the bed with crisp, freshly laundered linen and ensure you provide an extra blanket and pillows.

If they’re staying for longer than just a weekend it’s a nice idea to dedicate some drawer or wardrobe space to them so they have somewhere to unpack their clothes and belongings and feel a bit more at home.

Provide magazines and books, which your guests can read if they didn’t bring their own.

If young children will be using the room, childproof it and make sure any electrical sockets are covered. You could also consider getting some Easter eggs in or arranging a family egg hunt for everyone in the garden. Provide egg baskets for people to collect their eggs in too.

You could even decorate the room with Easter-themed accessories such as Easter signs, toys and ornaments.



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