Time for a soak

Posted by Cherry Pullinger on

Since Roman times we’ve enjoyed bathing.

Taking the waters is a calming experience that helps you get ready for a good night’s sleep or revives you for the day ahead.

Thankfully modern plumbing means we no longer need to make a trip to the thermal springs to enjoy the reviving powers of the warm waters.

If you’re looking to wash off the dust of the day or grab some ‘me time’, then turn off your ‘phone and take a long soak that relaxes and revitalises you.

Here’s our how-to guide:

  • Get the temperature of your water just right – for a relaxing, pre-bedtime bath go for water at 37°c as this helps promote sleep.
  • Bath thermometers are available in High Street and online stores so you can get it just right.
  • In the morning go for a cooler bath to prevent it from zapping your energy. A temperature of 36°c is just right for this and not too chilly.
  • Scent the water to help soothe and relax you.
  • Cleanse and replenish your skin as you soak and treat yourself to some lovely soaps, oils and gels.
  • Use oils when you get out on your damp skin for maximum moisturising potential.
  • Don’t forget to use candles safely to help reduce the need for harsher, electric lighting.

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