Swap roses for primroses this Valentine’s Day

Posted by Cherry Pullinger on

Our trader, Nicola from The Flower Tree, is urging you to swap your bunches of traditional roses for primroses instead this Valentine’s Day.

Primroses are the perfect plants to give your loved one as they were originally used to make love potions in the Middle Ages.

Nicola said: “We’ve recently researched primroses as I thought it would be nice to stock them in my unit here at The Emporium and we came across the plant’s romantic links. It is said that the flowers were used in the Middle Ages to make love potions so I thought it might be nice to encourage people to give a pot of seasonal primroses to their loved ones for Valentine’s Day instead of traditional, and often much more expensive at this time of year, roses.

“In our research, we also discovered that an infusion of the primrose’s roots was once taken as a cure for headaches. The plant also has herb-like qualities and was apparently used as a remedy for gout and rheumatism. But of course people shouldn’t make or take any potions without professional advice from a qualified herbalist.”

The primrose is a native European plant, which derives its name from the Latin ‘prima’, or first, and ‘rosa’ or rose. The first rose – a symbol for the arrival of spring in the UK.

The plant in its wild form, which used to be abundant in the country’s hedgerows, is now rare and as a result it is illegal to pick or dig up.

In the 1600s, primroses were prized garden plants and as many hybrids as possible were collected. These included Hose-in-Hose and Jack-in-the-Green.

Nicola added: “After this exciting discovery about primroses I hope lots of people will opt to give them as a Valentine’s Day treat to their loved ones this year. I currently have a variety of different plants in stock at The Emporium Somerset for people to browse and buy.”

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