Super strawberries!

Posted by Cherry Pullinger on

Aside from the tennis, there’s one other thing that is synonymous with Wimbledon and that’s delicious strawberries. 

Thousands of kilos of the super sweet fruit are eaten during the sporting competition every year.

If you like strawberries as much as we do, then check out the fun facts we’ve put together below:

1. The outside of a strawberry contains more than 200 seeds

2. Strawberries will taste much sweeter if they are served at room temperature

3. Swap oranges for strawberries as eight of these little fruits have more vitamin C than one orange

4. A ripe fruit will be produced in roughly 30 days from a strawberry plant

5. If you’re ever in Belgium, then you can visit a museum dedicated to strawberries

6. Strawberries are the favourite fruit of 53% of seven to nine-year-olds.

If that hasn’t got you salivating, then why not pop into our summer tea party in aid of charity on Thursday, July 7, where we’ll be serving up delicious strawberries, donated by Runnington Farm, with lashings of cream, donated by Gundenham Dairy, for you to enjoy in return for a small donation to the Somerset Unit for Radiotherapy Equipment (S.U.R.E) – Beacon Centre. We also have some strawberry-themed gifts and homeware in stock too!

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