Space-saving tips for small kitchens

Posted by Cato Cooper on

Small kitchens can be a plus when it comes to having to clean them, but general space and storage can be a problem, however, there are lots of tips and tricks you can follow to save space and store everything you need neatly.

If you have a bare wall, this can be turned into storage. Make the most of the space by installing hooks or racks and have utensils, tea towels and pots and pans hanging there so they’re easily accessible – it’s also a good idea to install a magnetic knife rack so they don’t take up room in a drawer or knife block, but be sure to have the rack up high out of reach of children.

If you don’t have room for a full pantry and cupboard space is limited, a slim pull-out cupboard with rows of shelves works equally well and can be installed into tiny spaces. Here you can store all your jars, tubs and bottles.

To help create an illusion of space in a small kitchen, use light coloured blinds instead of curtains and keep the colour scheme of the room light and fresh. Two-tone colouring is a good idea – a gentle white on the walls and then the cupboards in another light, complimenting colour. Autentico Eggshell paint is good for this, as it needs very little prep and is easy to clean.

“Try to have as little clutter on surfaces as possible. If possible, if there’s lino on the floor, see if you can reveal the floorboards beneath and sand them to make them lighter. Concrete can even be buffed up to create a contemporary light-reflective flooring or you could look at tiling with a ceramic tile that is also pale and reflective.

The kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be an enclosed room – why not remove the door to open out the space. You could even expand the doorway into an archway or if possible, remove a wall and have an open plan kitchen.

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