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Nationally we’ve got a bit of a love affair with all things Scandi these days and it’s easy to see why.

Scandinavians have an understated, simple approach to design based on the principles of Lutheranism, which include truth and honesty. 

There’s a clear emphasis on clean-lines and usability when it comes to furniture. Natural materials such as bare wood and sheepskin are at the forefront of design and there’s a connection between practicality and traditional craft techniques. 

Design is something that is deep within the Scandinavian psyche too. There’s a dislike for over-the-top items and a need for something that enhances lives on a daily basis.

The honesty of Scandinavian design, the closeness to nature and craftsmanship, and the practical clean lines make it popular at the moment. But possibly it’s the culture as a whole that attracts us and this is just one part of our on-going fascination for Scandinavia, which includes its culture, food and TV programmes.

Our urban and indoor lifestyles are making us yearn to have more to do with nature and the natural world, and the craftsmanship aspect makes us feel like we’re buying something that has been made specifically for us.

It suits us very well as a nation that doesn’t really like to show off, to have well-made, understated items in our homes that shout practicality, look rather wonderful, evoke a connection with the living world and are incredibly tactile too.

Why not pop in soon and check out some of the Scandi items we have in-store at the moment.

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