Minimise mess and clutter

Posted by Cherry Pullinger on

Many people think spring is the ideal time for a clear out and declutter, but it can be done at any time of year. New Year is a particularly great time as we all get a bit of a productivity boost.

It’s easy to declutter and organise your home for free too. Start with important paperwork and notes. Throw anything out that is out of date. Pin boards are super handy for pinning up important reminders and to-do lists and it helps to keep them fresh in your mind as you can see them regularly.

Our Cato's rule is, if it’s not come in handy within the past six months, then throw it out! If there’s no memory attached to it, in the bin it goes. You need to be ruthless and dedicate an entire day or weekend to the job. Treat yourself with coffee or tea and biscuit breaks and it won’t seem like such hard work.

Bits and bobs that you do need to keep can be put away neatly into storage. You can use special storage boxes that can be stored on top of wardrobes or under beds or use dedicated drawers. Keep them neat by using drawer organisers and label the drawer to remind yourself what’s in it. Desk tidies and wallets are great for keeping paperwork safe too and wire storage racks give a stylish utilitarian look and feel while also keeping things organised.

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