Learn to upcycle furniture at workshops

Posted by Cherry Pullinger on

Anyone wanting to learn how to upcycle their furniture can learn the basics of using Autentico Chalk Paint during my furniture painting workshops on November 8 and 24 from 7.30pm until 9.30pm.

Learning the basics of using Autentico Chalk Paint is great for anyone who wants to take up a new hobby of updating and upcycling any furniture they might have in their home.

The workshops include a full introduction to the chalk paint, which is a water based paint, free of solvents and other harmful additives and is my choice of paint when it comes to making over my own furniture at home and in the shop.

During the workshop we will also cover the basic techniques of using the special paints and waxes. I will teach attendees how to paint their piece of furniture from start to finish with useful handouts and tips included. I will provide wooden boards with some detailing so that attendees can try out the different paints and we will cover distressing techniques as well as layering. Everyone who comes along will then be able to take their new skills home with them and makeover their furniture.

The workshops will cost £40 per person. The price includes all of the equipment needed such as paints, brushes, boards to paint, waxes, an apron, gloves, refreshments and a picture frame to paint and take home. To book, please call 01823 660076.

Anyone can come along as no experience is needed. They are fun and creative workshops and everyone who attends will receive a 10% discount on paint products.

There are more than 155 colours of Autentico Chalk Paint available in the Vintage, Velvet and Eggshell ranges.

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