Ideas for creating a country bathroom

Posted by Cherry Pullinger on

Fancy transforming your bathroom? Here are our top tips for creating a country-style bathroom.

If you have room a freestanding, roll-top bath will help give your bathroom a vintage feel. Add gilt mirrors and marble washstands if you want a more luxurious look or go for enamel pitchers and scrubbed floorboards for something simpler.

It is important you choose a basin that suits the size of the room, for example a small sink on a countertop works well if space is limited.

Colours such as gentle blues and greens always work well in bathrooms. For a relaxing look think pale pastels or for something more invigorating choose brighter shades. White is always the best finish for bathroom fittings but it can be worth playing around with other colours.

A simpler way of transforming your bathroom is to accessorise with pretty ceramics and glassware, such as soap dishes and toothbrush holders. Select toiletries and towels, which also match your colour scheme.

If you are lucky enough to have a bathroom with views of open countryside, make the most of it and don’t obscure the window. If it is overlooked, screen it using a lace or voile panel. In a small space blinds and shutters tend to look neater than curtains.

Hanging storage helps to keep the floor free from clutter. Fix hooks on the walls and use drawstring bags for holding laundry, children’s bath toys and cleaning supplies.

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