How can you incorporate mindfulness into your home through interior design?

Posted by Cato Cooper on

Our Co-owner and interiors and paint expert, Cato Cooper, began upcycling and restoring furniture as a hobby but has turned it into a profession. She has her own painted furniture and home accessories studio at the front of the shop and finds painting a great way to relax.

She said: “Research has suggested that it is a great way to practice mindfulness too. Just 45 minutes of creative activity significantly lessens the stress in the body, regardless of your artistic experience or talent. Upcycling and restoring furniture allows you to get lost in the moment, to put all your focus into the piece you’re working on and the motion of sanding or painting can be extremely therapeutic.  

“If you’re not up for a big furniture restoration project, then simple changes around the home can help with mindfulness and de-stressing you. Our homes are a reflection of ourselves and if they’re messy and cluttered, then we’re likely to feel that in our moods and our minds.

“You can create a stress-free mindful place by using a fresh, natural colour scheme. Go for creams, soft greens or pale greys. The use of mirrors and natural light is also great for creating an illusion of more space and generally brightening up a room and giving it a more calming ambience. Natural materials such as wood work well too.

“Instead of treating all of the rooms in your home individually, you could try to work a theme throughout them all using similar colours of fabrics, which will help create a sense of balance.”

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