Getting to know Nicola from The Flower Tree

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Our trader Nicola Cavanagh is a British flower grower and florist who started growing a few sweet peas two years ago in her small cutting garden in the Blackdown Hills.

In 2016 she stumbled upon a quarter acre glasshouse in Somerset that was in need of some TLC. Nicola has now renovated and restored it and filled it with beautiful cut flowers and plug plants. She produces signature Flower Tree posies, which consist of seasonal flowers from the flower field wrapped in brown paper and raffia as well as pots, plants and ornamental items.

We recently sat down for a quick chat with Nicola to find out more…

What’s your favourite daytime drink, tea or coffee or do you prefer something else?

Tea, tea and tea – if I could wire our kitchen tap so it poured tea rather than water I would!

What do you enjoy most about making/creating/what you do?

Being outside most of the time. My favourite part is sowing a seed and seeing it germinate into a tiny seedling – nature is pretty amazing.

What is the most important tool to help you when you’re crafting/creating/working?

A good pair of secateurs and knee pads.

In a normal week, how much time do you spend making/crafting/working in your business?

Most days and I'm lucky to have a partner who is very handy so I'll drag him down on the weekends.

When you’re not working what else do you like to do?

Walking with our little Springer spaniel, Douglas and spending time with family and friends. 

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