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The lovely Lucy Driver joined The Emporium family in 2017 with some of her fantastic illustration work.

Lucy is an artist and illustrator who works from her kitchen table in Somerset. She re-found her love for drawing following a serious brain injury when she was forced to take life a little slower. She kept a drawing diary, initially to track her recovery, but it ended up being a way for her to practice and develop her unique style.

She has a large selection of framed prints available and also takes commissions for work. She has also illustrated a book aimed to help with the rehabilitation of brain injuries.

We just had to grab Lucy for a quick five minute sit down and a chat to find out more about her…

What’s your favourite daytime drink, tea or coffee or do you prefer something else? 

Green tea, but I've usually a bottle of water on the go too. 

What do you enjoy most about making/creating/what you do? 

 Being able to put what’s in my head onto paper and if others get enjoyment out of my art too, then that makes it all worth it. 

Name one thing you couldn’t live without and why?

My bike. Being out on my bike is great for getting some head-space and I love being outside. 

What is the most important tool to help you when you’re crafting/creating/working? 

A pencil. All my work starts with a pencil sketch. 

If money was no object, where in the world would you most like to go? 

I’d like to go on a two month holiday to the alps and if money was no object I’d take a bike mechanic and a chef with me! I think it’d be a great place to get lots of drawing done, plus I’d be able to ride my bike lots too. 

In a normal week, how much time do you spend making/crafting/working in your business? 

I draw when I have the inspiration, so the amount of time I spend drawing is dependent on that. At the moment I seem to be drawing and designing a lot, probably seven hours a day. 

When you’re not working what else do you like to do?

Ride my bike, visit family and friends... and bake cakes!

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