Getting to know Charlotte from Made for Mutts

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If you’ve spotted the Made for Mutts unit on the second floor of the shop then you may be wondering who is the brains behind it? Well, we recently sat down for a catch up with the business owner, Charlotte.

She created the company in 2015 out of a passion for sewing and a love for animals. She wanted to add something colourful and unique to the pet accessory industry and we think she has certainly succeeded!

All of the items are handmade using high quality materials and hardware, ranging from collars, leads and harnesses to bandanas, flowers and bow ties. You will have one of the best looking pets in town after paying her unit a visit.

We cornered Charlotte for a quick five minute question session and here’s what she had to say: 

What’s your favourite daytime drink, tea or coffee or do you prefer something else? 

Definitely tea! 

What do you enjoy most about making/creating/what you do? 

Seeing the final product and of course on the dog! There are so many breeds so each pattern and style looks different each time, which I love to see.

Name one thing you couldn’t live without and why?

My dogs, Ruby my crazy Boxer and Buddy my even crazier French Bulldog.

What is the most important tool to help you when you’re crafting/creating/working? 

My trusty 'snips' which I use throughout the whole process of making an accessory from trimming threads to quality control. 

In a normal week, how much time do you spend making/crafting/working in your business? 

I work full time with Made for Mutts and try and keep it to 8.30am-5.30pm on weekdays but I quite often get carried away and work late into the evenings. I keep my weekends free unless I have an event to attend with Made for Mutts then it’s all stations go!

When you’re not working what else do you like to do?

I love to spend time with family and friends and make regular trips to the beach with the dogs! I also love to bake.

You can find the Made for Mutts unit on the second floor of the shop.

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