Framing and hanging photos in the home

Posted by Cato Cooper on

Photos of loved ones, pets, landscapes and anything you love is really the key to making a house feel more like a proper home, but just hanging up a few pics here and there isn’t as simple as it sounds, there is a certain art to getting your frames looking fab.

The size of the frames you’re using is very important. Look at the furniture and key pieces around you and balance the size of your frames in line with these so the room isn’t too overwhelmed. Colour is an important factor too – if your photos are more neutral you could hang them against a coloured feature wall or if they’re a bright and bold photo then hanging them against a more neutral coloured wall will make them really stand out.

Always consider reflections when hanging your photos. Bright lights or light from windows can cause reflections on frame glass so always try the frames at different times of the day to check for any reflections that might affect people seeing the picture before hanging them permanently.

Clusters of photographs always look fab and make a great feature on a wall. Lay your frames out on the floor to get a feel of how they’ll work together. Mix large and small frames, square and rectangular to create contrast.



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