Festive flora Christmas creations

Posted by Cherry Pullinger on

Seasonal flowers and foliage with other festive accessories and the odd candle or two can really make a sensational centerpiece for a traditional Christmas table.

Pleasing the senses is key, so incorporate cinnamon sticks and fresh oranges and make your display stand out by using real berries from pyracantha and holly. The long stemmed and long-lasting flowers of the amaryllis are ideal for large displays.

Figs, plums and nuts scattered among central pillar candles is a great way of incorporating opulence and decadence into your table centre and the candles help create a warm, festive glow.

Making your table centerpieces needn’t be expensive, you can forage for bits and pieces in local hedgerows but remember to be responsible. You could simply pick anything looking good in your garden at this time of year too.

Why not trail ivy, add pine cones and drape green holly leaves or winter jasmine over mantelpieces or add small vases of Hellebores for a hint of subtle, natural colour?

It’s important to keep things simple. Wild foliage and twigs work wonders, just be sure to include elements of festive shades of red, silver or gold.

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