Cato's tips for getting your home work space in order

Posted by Cherry Pullinger on

Most of us dream of having a stylish home office but we often just use the first available space such as a kitchen or living room table or sofa and with that comes clutter and often chaos.

Every home office or designated home office space (even if you do use a corner in the living room) should be good looking. But when planning yours be sure you create a practical space or you will be forever gravitating to the kitchen table or sofa.

  • Your office furniture should be functional but it needn’t be ugly. It’s easier to work if you opt for an uncluttered look. Make sure each piece of furniture has a function and matches your other décor.
  • Keep your desk tidy, with ample space for you to work in. Use filing trays, drawers and memo boards for notelets and memory joggers.
  • Keep receipts and files electronically to avoid too much loose paperwork, but if you do like to have items on your desk go for stunning paperweights or one of our giant pegs.
  • Pay attention to lighting – a sensible lamp that no only looks good but does the job is a must or you’ll end up with eye strain and potentially headaches.
  • In order to have a sleek look that allows you to feel in control yet comfortable, make sure your desk accessories match your décor as well.




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