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Posted by Cherry Pullinger on

If you’re sending one or more of your children off to university this September or October, then here are some of our handy hints in room décor to help stave off any potential homesickness.

No student room would be complete without photos of friends and family. They will help make the room feel homely and familiar.

It is worth investing in some bright, colourful bedding, cushions and throws for the bed, as often your bed will be used as a sofa too.

Further personalise the space with fairy lights or bunting, which are perfect for stringing up against the wall or around photos.

A pinboard is a great way of keeping lecture timetables, essay deadlines and other important things in one place.

Rugs are a great way to disguise any carpet stains or if the room has bare floorboards they will also help add some warmth.

Remember that sometimes less is more and keeping things simple can be better than having a cluttered room.


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