A guide to Christmas decorating and entertaining

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Decorating the home at Christmas can be a fun experience that all the family can get involved with but it’s important to be organised well in advance.

First of all you need to decide on the theme you’re going to go for. You could have yourself a traditional little Christmas and relive some of your happiest, festive childhood memories with items inspired by good times past and recapture and cherish those wonderful feelings.

Dig out the vintage baubles and fairy lights for this or you could celebrate Christmas with all the traditional colour palettes, symbols and themes of the festivities, but do it in a more contemporary way using recycled wood and kooky, Scandi-eqsue decorations.

The best way to give your home a fast festive makeover is to carefully place bowls of pine cones, fairy lights or baubles and pretty tealight holders on coffee tables or surrounding a fire places to give off a festive feeling, and you can hang decorative wreaths on walls or internal doors too. They aren’t just for front doors.

Festive scented diffusers and candles are also great for giving a space a delicious warm scent.

Much like decorating for the festive season, entertaining can be just as much hard work but organisation is key. If you’re having guests for lunch it’s important to prepare well in advance.

Make sure you know exactly how many people are attending so you can ensure there is space for all. Benches and stools are a great alternative if table space is tight, and I’m sure people won’t mind budging up a little to make room.

Think about your table decorations and centre piece. Tea lights and candles make for great decorations and help create a festive atmosphere around the dinner table. You could use a floral centre piece made of pine cones, branches and other foliage from the garden or florists. Don’t go for anything too high or people won’t be able to see and talk over them.

Don’t forget your table cloths, napkins, cutlery and crockery too. It’s a good idea to set your table a couple of hours before guests arrive so you can pay them your full attention when they arrive. You could colour coordinate your tableware or mix and match for added interest.

You could even pop on a little background music to really set the mood. Something light and unobtrusive is perfect and allows people to chat and still be able to hear one another.

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